November 27, 2011


So I wrote a villanelle.  


You are my favourite quiet place,
when each and every day grows hard.
Eyes closed, I think of your embrace.

When sour tongues lave sour tastes, 
and every conversation’s marred.
You are my favourite quiet place.

I stumble through each hour with haste,
try to forget how far you are.
Three weeks now, ‘till our next embrace.

Attempt to keep my feelings paced
but kissed-speech races to your heart,
you are my favourite quiet place.

Now night-times falls upon your face;
I still feel you, through miles of dark:
remembering our last embrace.

Though silent dreams I tend to chase,
from this white noise I’ll soon depart.
You are my only quiet place,
not long now ‘till our next embrace. 

Instead of writing just any old thing with one word or line repeated a few times I thought I’d challenge myself completely by doing a villanelle for my ‘refrain’ assignment this time around. This is the first rough draft and I hope it’ll change quite a lot next week in the workshop when we help each-other out with improvement suggestions and such. I do have a few issues with the rhyming of it, a couple of lines feel a bit forced and filler so will be working on that. So yeah, my first villanelle :)

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